So, my baby and I had a fabulous lunch at Noodle World earlier today. Over at old town. Anyway, I ordered my favorite, Seafood Pad Thai, and it was fabulous. Afterward, did a little christmas shopping for mother and sister, then headed home. I noticed my lips were tingling, and exclaimed “Ooh, my lips are all tingly from the pad thai!” thinking that it was this great feeling. Then I felt my neck and face itching a little bit, and not until Geo told me, I had no clue that at that moment, I was having an allergic reaction.

Oh shit!

Don’t worry, my face didn’t swell up to the size of a balloon or anything a la Will Smith in Hitch. But I did have welts the size of dimes popping up. And it was not pretty. In addition, it’s a pretty hot day today for December, so that was adding to the stress.

I can’t believe this. Thai food is my favorite food. Especially pad thai with seafood. Geo thinks I might be slightly allergic to shellfish Well, that just sucks, doesn’t it? Shellfish include shrimps, crabs, mussels, and lobsters, which are my favorite things to eat. I don’t know what I would do without it. But I don’t know if it’s for sure, so I’m thinking next time I go see my doctor, I’ll ask to do an allergy test, just to be safe. Gosh, I’m a stress freak. You should’ve seen me, freaking out like I was near death.

I’ve on Benadryl right now, which is supposed to reduce the itchiness and swelling. So far it’s working. But I’m not feeling too drowsy yet, which is what it’s supposed to do.

Ugh…I need a magazine and a beer. Prontissimo!